Hi people,Im going to hopefuly help alot of people out, but at the same time will upset Mazda dealers.

I have the code to unlock Mazda radios the have ’ERR’ due to 3 wrong codes. Do not listen to mazda book that states 3 wrong codes make CD playing Inop req replacement…

121 Metro DW10*2 > 203028, MX5 NB30P2,

Milennia,323 BJ10*2, 626 GF10S2, Tribute.

Step one:- press one at a time- preset 6, AM, Auto M, Seek ^ (up).

Step Two:-Input this number, 4989. (or 1414) (3511)

Step Three:- Press and hold Auto M and Preset 6 together.

Step Four:- The Word ’GOOD’ will appear on the screen indicated that the radio will work.

Step Five:- Reprogram new Antitheft code into radio as per instrution manual.Hope this helps some people out, save you some money as so.

I have found the solution:

switch your car in contact
push 1 by 1 the following key
6 – AM – AUTO-M – SEEK^
4 dashes appears
Enter code 4989 by using the select buttons 1-6
press and hold down the AUTO-M and 6 button until GOOD appears.
Now your carradio is from its anti-theft mode back to factory setting